Support package Google Workspace for Education

Ondersteuningspakket Google Workspace for Education

As we previously reported, on July 8 an agreement was reached with Google on the measures aimed at the privacy risks previously identified with Google Workspace for Education.

This means that institutions can continue to use Google Workspace for Education (Plus), provided they also implement some actions themselves. SURF, SIVON and Kennisnet have created a support package for this, which you can find here from now on.

Information on how your institution should accept the custom agreement (Workspace for Education Online agreement) with Google. See all the information in the article “Keep using Google Workspace for Education? Perform these actions first'.

Technical guide for Google Workspace for Education: allows your own system administrator to make the necessary technical adjustments to the Workspace for Education environment.

Guide for education-specific DPIA Google Workspace for Education: with this you can carry out a DPIA for your own educational institution based on the results negotiated by SURF and SIVON.

Update DPIA report Google Workspace for Education: information on the technical, legal and organizational changes that mitigate high privacy risks for Workspace for Education users.

Adopt Google Workspace's recommended security settings as described in this recommendations guide (prepared by SIVON).

Based on the updated DPIA verification report (date July 24, 2023), institutions can make their own trade-offs about using Google Workspace.

With the aforementioned information and tools, determine for your own institution whether you can continue to safely use Google Workspace for Education (Plus) - before the start of the new academic year.